Benefits For Kids

Improved concentration and handwriting skills in the classroom

BUC Kids gross motor exercise programmes provide the child with an opportunity to improve their core stability, proximal shoulder control, coordination and sensory processing: all these skills are needed for sitting at a desk and writing. It also helps to provide the “fidgety” children a chance to satisfy their sensory needs by incorporating lots of sensations in the exercise programme like touch and movement.

BUC Kids promotes early intervention so that right from the start children are developing healthy exercise habits and Teachers can encourage the right postural habits. Increased physical activity in the school day also increases the quality of academic performance. A recent study reports that there is a positive link between reading/maths scores and fitness levels.

Improved Health

Participation in the exercise programmes improves core muscle strength and helps prevent back pain. The classes help to improve balance, posture, co-ordination and motor skills. Regular physical activity helps reduce the chance of developing coronary heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes by as much as 50%. Physically active people have 40-50% lower risk of developing colon cancer. Exercise contributes to psychological wellbeing and lessens the chances of suffering from clinical depression. Postural improvement can improve metabolism/prevent constipation/bowel dysfunction.

Exercise helps children maximise their bone development, which reduces the chance of osteoporosis in later life and ensuring children are physically active on a regular basis instills good habits, which can be carried on into adulthood, this reducing the likelihood of adult obesity and other obesity related illness. The Physifun Gross Motor Exercises programmes give our less sporty/physically-able children the chance to succeed as physically active people.

Education of the child’s Teachers, Parents and Coaches

BUC Kids provides Teachers, Coaches and Therapists with an instant, easy-to-use solution to helping children with fine and gross motor difficulties through the workshops and training sessions that they offer. BUC Kids exercise programmes help improve the physical outcomes of these children in a ‘hands-on’ way. The classroom strategies facilitate a painfree and optimal postural  learning environment.  These sessions improve teachers, coaches and therapists’ knowledge of motor & cognitive learning difficulties and gives the school effective, easy-to-implement methods of postural improvement in both staff & children. These training sessions also give Parents, Teachers, Coaches and Therapists tools to adapt the learning environment of their children. Better posture leads to better learning and better learning leads to better behaviour & results!

Regular practice of skills and the achievement of success in new areas of ability

BUC Kids provides a safe and secure environment for children who experience difficulty with learning new tasks, a chance to practice their skills with other children of similar ability. Therefore these children are motivated to try new things without the fear of failure or embarrassment – which is one of the main reasons why children with motor difficulties do not participate in physical activity. Children are rewarded for the effort that they put into the participation of the group classes, rather than the results of their efforts.