Bodies Under Construction Kids - We help children with physical and movement difficulties

We train Teachers, Coaches, Parents and Therapists so that they can provide regular effective exercise classes at home, in school or at a sports club for children with movement difficulties. A vital part of this process is education of the children themselves about how to improve and maintain physical skills throughout life.


Bodies Under Construction Kids has been developed over many years of research. The method originally called Physifun, was developed by Tracy Prowse, a specialist Physiotherapist from South Africa. She believes that: "Children learn to move and play; and move and play to learn". The training allows schools’ teachers and coaches to implement simple, effective and inexpensive interventions at school and at home. Thus creating a valuable link between teachers and therapists in a day to day school setting.

Our Programmes

School Teachers, Coaches, Trainers and Therapists learn three early intervention exercise programmes which have been developed to improve motor skills of those children with gross motor difficulties in a group setting. These are our signature programmes called StartWrite, JumpWrite and RunWrite.

These programmes provide the otherwise ‘not sporty’ children a chance to participate and succeed in physical activity in a non-threatening motivating environment where they can practise and perfect their skills. 



Equips Teachers, Coaches and parents working with children with difficulties with knowledge and tools to help the child gain movement skill and increase capacity for learning.

Advises on practical easy-to-implement tips and advice regarding postural improvement, fine motor skill practice and gross motor exercise ideas.


Bodies Under Construction Kids


Presented in School Asssemblies to motivate and inspire children to participate in sports and exercise programmes as well as to understand the importance of good posture and use of their muscles for learning and sports.

We get the children on their feet practicing good posture and maximise their understanding of the importance of sport and activity for health.


Once training has been completed by Teachers and Coaches, mentoring sessions are offered. These aim to help support implementation of the programmes as well as increase the effectiveness of exercise classes for the children.

Mentoring provides a channel for feedback to the BUC Kids trainer on what areas of learning and movement are improving in the children to continue to further improve and develop the programmes.