Why Choose Us?

Beginning your Pilates journey with us ensures that you receive an in-depth and high quality style of teaching. Immersed in our friendly studio atmosphere you will be supported and encouraged to find and achieve your own goals. We see the multidisciplinary benefits of Pilates and passionately endorse Pilates for rehabilitation, mental wellbeing and fitness purposes. Notably, we offer flexible appointment times throughout the day and across the weekend, whilst also offering a range of session formats to suit your needs.


Pilates Privates at Bodies Under ConstructionPilates Privates

A private session is the principal means of learning the Pilates method. Not only will you will be led through the intricacies of the technique with one-on-one instruction, your instructor will equally work with you to fine-tune your needs and focus the sessions on achieving your desired goals.


Pilates Reformer Classes at Bodies Under ConstructionPilates Reformer Classes

Our group sessions have a maximum of 5 people allowed per class. The intimate nature of our classes allows for the instructor to have a hands-on approach, ensuring each exercise is performed correctly and each participant obtains optimal results. Our instructors are also on hand to make recommendations for those with more specific injuries or health problems. To join a class we usually recommend that you have had at least one private session previously, so that an instructor can assess your suitability and suggest an appropriate class for you to join.


Pilates Duets at Bodies Under ConstructionPilates Duets

A duet session offers the same bespoke nature as a Private session, but you get to enjoy it with a friend or partner at a more economical rate. The key is to find someone that is of a same fitness level as you, to make sure you get the most out of the session and to keep you committed to your workout schedule. 



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£145 for 3 Privates

(a £207 Value)  BUY NOW!


Note: Privates must be completed within 30 days from the date of purchase. The 3 Private Pilates sessions must be completed prior to taking classes at Bodies Under Construction. This offer is only for those new to our Pilates Studio in Chiswick.