Thinking about movement…

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Fitness and health are not equivalent. You can be fit for a particular athletic pursuit, but that doesn’t mean you are a healthier person: high performance in a narrow category often comes at great costs (such as joint damage and muscle imbalances) In short, what we are doing with our bodies most of the time thoroughly…

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Monkey Business – Monkey stretch on the Cadillac

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Happy New Year!! Chinese New year that is. As we are starting the year of the Monkey we thought we would focus our blog on the wonderful Monkey stretch. It’s a cheeky little stretch, which looks fairly simple but is a bit of a killer on the old hamstrings. We also have a lovely variation…

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What is Physiotherapy?

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That’s a good question. A large percentage of our clients come to us with sports related injuries however our therapists regularly treat a wide range of ailments from muscular aches and pains through to headaches. Chartered Physiotherapists are trained in a variety of different treatment methods: Massage technique Dry needling Joint manipulation Exercise rehabilitation It…

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What is your philosophy on Exercise?

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The allure of that classic six–pack, toned pins, flat tum or perfect bum, leaves most of our client’s drawn to the aesthetic benefits of what exercise can do for them. Exercise regimes are often a means to an end, results driven and focused on achieving a desired effect rather than forming part of a regular,…

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