7 Great things to do in South West London if you didn’t have Back Pain

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Living in the South West London means you can walk along the Thames, explore the region’s past and hike through parks filled with natural beauty. But if you’ve got back pain – then it becomes tough (and almost impossible) to enjoy all that South West London has to offer.

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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This Victorian saying has recently been given new relevance. A study in the BMJ concludes that prescribing an apple per day to adults over fifty would prevent or delay around 8,500 deaths from cardiovascular complications. Part of the reason for this is because of the natural phenolic compounds with antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects. Of…

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Ageing and Vitality – can the two be interlinked?

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Longevity is all about the maximum age we can possibly live to. Potentially we can live to be a hundred and thirty years old – this has been calculated by the number of times the cells in our body can possibly divide. Cell division is all about our cells reproducing and repairing themselves. Jeanne Calment,…

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The Cholesterol Myth Unravels Further

Most cells in our body use either fat or glucose as a fuel source. The one exception to this rule is the brain as none of the cells can use fat for fuel. This is probably because the brain is made up of fat and so it is much too precious to be used as…

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Thinking about movement…

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Fitness and health are not equivalent. You can be fit for a particular athletic pursuit, but that doesn’t mean you are a healthier person: high performance in a narrow category often comes at great costs (such as joint damage and muscle imbalances) In short, what we are doing with our bodies most of the time thoroughly…

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What is your philosophy on Exercise?

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The allure of that classic six–pack, toned pins, flat tum or perfect bum, leaves most of our client’s drawn to the aesthetic benefits of what exercise can do for them. Exercise regimes are often a means to an end, results driven and focused on achieving a desired effect rather than forming part of a regular,…

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