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Lately I have been thinking a lot about my own health routines and wondering if there is anything I could be doing . The more I think about this the more aware I am becoming of the fact that being healthy is a task that should be attributed equally to both body and mind.

I am lucky to work in an environment that promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle and strives to help each client we see achieve this. As a little experiment I thought I would ask some of my colleagues about their own day-to-day rituals and healthy habits.

Their responses gave some interesting food for thought that I wanted to share with you. If you have any of your own you would like to share let us know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

Leigh-Anne – Pilates ManagerIMG-LeighAnne_360x269.jpg‘Being pregnant has made me slow down a little bit and take time out every day to realise that I have accomplished and survived yet another day, to be mindful of everything that I have achieved, not matter how small. I take time out daily to connect with my breathing, where I get to enjoy the lives that are growing inside and to appreciate the special bond with my unborn babies. I commit time to keeping my body as mobile and as active as possible, doing as much as my body will allow during any given week.’

Sophie – Acupuncturist
IMG-Sophie_360x269.jpg‘Each evening, before I go to sleep, I spend 5 minutes thinking about all the things I am grateful for in my life. It turns into a long list, with friends, family, work, home and life’s simple pleasures (including my electric blanket) ending up in my thoughts. It reminds me how lucky I am, helps me relax, and fills my mind with positive thoughts ready for a good night’s sleep!’

Teryl – Director2530b99.jpg‘I try to counter-act my negatives with positives so they cancel each other out. If I allow myself to eat/drink something that I don’t think i
s as ‘healthy’ as it could be I try to be mindful of what I choose to consume the following day and usually add a bit more water ‘bulk drinking’ to that day.’

Alison – Massage TherapistIMG-Allison_360x269.jpg‘My yoga sessions help me immensely. I try to fit in three sessions a week, which I do at home – so very little cost. I use an app (called Yoga Studio) and pick and choose my class depending on how I feel. This definitely sets me up for a positive day!’

Hannah – PhysiotherapistHannah_360x268.jpg

‘When I get in the shower in the morning I am aware of the thoughts that are already starting to run through my mind about the day to come.  Under the hot water I bring my focus back to the sensation of the water and on each part of my body as I clean it.  When my mind wanders I bring my focus back to cleaning my toes for instance.  It’s a little routine that helps to calm the mind and get me off to a good start.’

Jessica – Receptionist11000345_10152559437075933_4532617710307985746_n.jpg

I try to take the time to pack and prepare all my things be that Clothes, lunch or a plan,  for the next day as soon as I get in from work , so that I know I’m ready and can fully relax  and have some well deserved  me time at the end of the day.

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